Walking Toward the Light

The inspiration behind the song

Walking Toward the Light is a song inspired by the Tommy Fuss Team and their participation in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walks. It is written and performed by Ben Tousley, a local folk singer and song writer. The song is inspirational and empowering, and while it is very personal, it is also universal and will resonate with all those who have lost a loved one to suicide and who work to raise awareness and remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

[audio:http://www.tommyfussteam.org/audio/WTTL_excerpt.mp3|autostart=yes]Walking Toward  the Light (excerpt) — © 2009 Ben Tousley
Inspired by the Tommy Fuss Team and their participation in the Overnight walks

After the 2008 Overnight we began articulating ‘Why We Walk’ and the idea of a song was born. Ben Tousley agreed to work with us and facilitated a focus group to hear our stories. He translated them into a beautiful song, which will be used to inspire and comfort, to educate and empower as we continue our journey. Sponsors of the 2010 Tommy Fuss Team will receive their own copy of this CD as a thank you for their continued support. To sponsor a Tommy Fuss Team member (and receive your copy) go to the 2010 Overnight page.

Our journey continues as we walk . . . Leading the way forward . . . into the light.

We are deeply greatful for Ben Tousley’s willingness to work with us, his understanding and compassion, and his innate ability to tell our story with words and music that not only inspire and empower, but comfort and provide a sense of peace. Thanks also to all the musicians who participated in this recording.

Learn more about Ben Tousley at  www.bentousley.com

Walking Toward the Light

So many people sharing this night,
Mile after mile, in shadow and light,
Each with a story of heartache and pain,
Each with a loved one they won’t see again.

I cried and I questioned as part of me died,
I lost my best friend, they lost their child,
So confused and so shattered, I refused to believe,
I was alone, alone with my grief. . .

Chorus: (But now) we are walking through the darkness,

We are walking through the night,
We are walking for our loved ones,
We are walking toward the light.

Your cup on the table, your empty chair,
The costume you dressed in, a lock of your hair,
I see a young stranger—I ask if it’s true:
Wearing your old coat, could it be you?

And I look to the heavens, I see a lone star,
Like all of these memories, so near but so far,
And even with eyes closed I see your bright smile
So deep in my heart—I feel your fire. . .

Chorus: (And) we are walking through the darkness. . .

And we’re not alone now, as we bear our load,
Walking in hope, sharing this road,
Letting the world know we will go on,
Hands held together, reach for the dawn.

Each step to remember, each step to proclaim
They died from an illness, we won’t live in shame,
If we save one life we see a world made new,
Till we’re together I’ll walk for you. . .

Chorus: (And) we are walking. . .

music and lyrics © 2009 Ben Tousley