AdvocacyOne of Tommy’s legacies is the realization of how urgent and important it is for all of us to take mental illness seriously. . .to raise awareness, to remove the stigmas and to further the understanding of these diseases. Members of the Tommy Fuss Team dedicate and devote time and energy to the cause on a volunteer basis.

We are out in our communities raising awareness and allowing and encouraging people – our friends (and strangers) at home, at school and in the business community – to discuss mental health issues and suicide. Here’s some of what we are doing along with news updates.


Are we reaching a tipping point in the national conversation about depression and suicide prevention? Perhaps we are, if the 2015 Academy Awards ceremonies were any gauge. Check out our coverage of Graham Moore (“Stay weird. Stay different.”) and Dana Perry’s (“We should talk about suicide out loud.”) acceptance speeches.

Please Pass the Same Message Along



Our Kid’s Mental Health – Newton-Wellesley Hospital video

For more information about Advocacy and Public Policy,
please go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s site

Shining Light on Important Topic

Depression:  A Feeling, Not an Illness? – Tuft University Student Debate

Use of language and stigma