Team Captain Congratulates Walkers & Crew 2010

Dear Tommy Fuss Team Members,

First… congratulations to all the walkers who made the 18 mile journey.  Bravo!!!  Second, thank you, thank you, to all who volunteered and crewed for us all night… what would we walkers have done without the food, drinks, food, medical attention, food, enthusiasm, and food all night!  You kept our minds and bodies fueled all night long!  Thank you to our “Fuss tones”… awesome job!!!  Please thank all of your family and friends who also came out to join us for any part of the overnight experience.  Thank you to everyone who gave us rides or brought us drinks.  Those who stayed up all night just to hear of our progress, those who rubbed our achy feet, those who have helped us get through the day after barely being awake… and not moving too well!  It takes many more people that I have email addresses to make this event a success. Please thank them from me as well as yourself!

This overnight was very memorable, being in Boston where I have so many memories of growing up with Danny and Tommy and my brother, Sean.  I don’t think I can think of Boston and not automatically think of Danny and Tommy, the best cousins anyone could have!  Not to mention, Boston is just so beautiful.  And it certainly makes it memorable to be referred to at the “A” team everywhere we went!!!  That was cool!  Everyone knew about the infamous Tommy Fuss Team.  Let me say, I was completely overwhelmed this weekend…and I still am.  Every time someone came up to me saying, WOW, you’re part of the infamous Tommy Fuss Team, what you’re doing for this cause is so special, I just got chills.  To be the “known” team is ridiculous to me!  Thinking back to the original team in our blue shirts… I felt lost that year… but WOW we were who people were talking about.  Thank you so much!  I really can’t express (yes, me) in words how extraordinary this weekend was for me.  I really am speechless and found myself speechless at many times this weekend… honestly, I was just overwhelmed!  It is just so wonderful to know how much Tommy means to so many and how this cause has touched so many.

As this weekend comes to a close please remember the reasons that we walk. First, we walk to honor a wonderful young man, Tommy.  He deserves to be honored and remembered everyday. We walk in his honor to save others from the pain he had to endure.  We walk to prevent others from suffering the pain we have suffered as survivors. We walk for all those we’ve lost to suicide.  We walk for those who are not strong enough to walk. We walk to create discussion and dialog about mental illness and suicide. We walk to end the stigmas. We walk to show our support.  We walk to heal our souls.  We walk in hope. We walk to open eyes.  We will continue to walk, to save lives and to make lives better!  And yes, we walk to raise funds for research and the great programs the AFSP provides and funds.

As the next few days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, let us continue to advocate for this cause.  Talk to friends and coworkers, or anyone who will listen.  Politely show people that mental illness is not a weakness in character or a character flaw, but an illness worthy of our attention and respect.

Thank you so much for making this such a memorable year.  Please keep in touch… everyone!!!  I’d love to hear how things are going with you all.  Please share your photos… I’d love to see them!

You are all very special people.  You should all be very proud of yourselves for staying up all night working or walking.  Be proud of the money you’ve raised and the lives you’ve saved or made better.  I for one am more than proud of each any everyone of you for your commitment and courage.  I love you all!

We love you Tommy!

Your proud team captain,
Kristin Quigley