Fall 2014 – “24” and Halloween



I so enjoyed watching last spring’s sequel, 24 – Live Another Day. As most of you know Jack Bauer was Tommy’s “hero”. Tommy and I started watching 24 with its debut in fall 2001. For five seasons we watched every episode together…many, more than once. It was a ritual. He shared his VHS tapes (and later his DVD’s) with many of you. Season One DVD’s had to be replaced, they got so scratched.

As we approach the 8th anniversary of Tommy’s death I leave you with Jack Bauer’s consoling words to Chloe in the third episode:

“You can’t bring back the ones you love. Trust me. But you can honor their lives by helping others. It’s the only way forward.”

Each of us remembers Tommy in his or her own way. Together we honor his memory by our commitment to understanding and curing mental illness and preventing suicides. Thank you for all that you continue to do. It is our hope that many of you will join the Tommy Fuss Team and participate in the AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk which is returning to BOSTON on June 27-28!!!

With love,
RoseMary Fuss


P.S.  This is a time of remembering…it’s also Halloween. Enjoy these pumpkins carved over the years in memory of Tommy and Tommy, the young Jedi.