Coincidences…or Signs of Tommy’s Presence?

A Live Bowling Pin in Times Square and Tom Burgers in the Form of Cupcakes. . .

Many of us gathered Friday evening for dinner in Times Square. I am a frequent visitor to NYC, but that evening I was struck by how unusually bright and busy the Square was. I stopped to take it all in and the word that came to mind was surreal, an out of this world experience. Then in the middle of the street there appeared a live bowling pin. Was it simply an advertisement for a nearby Bowling Alley or was it a sign?

That same evening in New Jersey Valerie had stopped to pick up some last minute necessities at Stop and Shop. Something caught her attention – were they cupcakes or were they Tom Burgers? Just enough of them to be enjoyed by our “extended” team as we gathered for lunch before the Walk.

I don’t believe in coincidences any more. I believe they were signs of Tommy’s presence, his endorsing the work we are doing, encouraging us to continue on this path of helping others, and his way of adding some humor in what otherwise is a solemn event. Yes, Tommy was and is with us every step of the way.

– RoseMary Fuss

Dan’s message to RoseMary one week before the Walk:

Tommy is smiling

From ear to ear

For as you walk

He draws near.


And reminds you why

As you do this today

That you are doing

What he would say:


“Please help others

For what I see

In helping them

You are remembering me.”