21 Reasons Why I Walk

by RoseMary Fuss

  1. Because Tommy is so alive in my mind and my heart
  2. To honor and remember Tommy
  3. To raise awareness about mental illness
  4. To educate others that mental illness is a disease
  5. To remove the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide
  6. To encourage people to seek help for themselves, a loved one or a friend
  7. To raise funds for important research and programs
  8. To prevent the loss of another precious, promising young adult to suicide
  9. To prevent another family from suffering such a tragic loss
  10. Tommy enjoyed the outdoors and walking brings me closer to him
  11. Walking makes me stronger both physically and emotionally
  12. Walking is a form of meditation
  13. Walking from dusk till dawn, surrounded by friends with a common goal, is an incredibly empowering experience
  14. It allows me to share something special with Tommy’s friends and family
  15. To live Tommy’s legacy of friendship
  16. Because I am not ashamed of how Tommy died
  17. Because I am disheartened by our inability to achieve early diagnosis, by the lack of proven interventions, and by the inadequate number of hospital beds for our children in crisis
  18. While there remain obstacles to overcome, treatments are available
  19. To turn our personal tragedy into a positive force
  20. To send the message that it is urgent and important for all of us to take mental illness seriously
  21. I have a HOPE and a DREAM that we will cure mental illness and prevent suicides