2021 Overnight Virtual Experience

On September 18, 2021 The Tommy Fuss Team will be participating in the Morris County NJ Community Walk in Chatham, NJ. It is not too late to support the AFSP and the Tommy Fuss Team participating in that walk. Click on anyone’s picture to make a donation to the Out of the Darkness Community Walk.

Morris County NJ Community Walk

Now more than ever, self-care is so important.  We are all struggling to cope, understand and live under difficult constraints which affect our mental and physical health. AFSP has a dedicated page with more information on taking care of your mental health during this time. Please visit the website at:  https://afsp.org/covid19.

Together we are changing the conversation about mental health and saving precious lives.

On June 26 the Tommy Fuss Team met via Zoom for a virtual get together. In addition to remembering those we’ve lost to suicide and a Gatorade toast, we were honored to be joined by Mathew Nock and Alexander Millner, preeminent researchers in the understanding, prediction and prevention of suicide at Harvard University and Franciscan Children’s Hospital Boston, respectively.

Their presentation focuses on preliminary data issued by the CDC, the increase of depression and suicidal ideation during the pandemic, and how technology, electronic medical records and wearable devices are being used to identify those most at risk for suicide.

We were left with HOPE–hope that continued research, and use of these tools by those who are suffering and the clinicians who treat them, will be a giant step forward in achieving the AFSP’s goal of reducing the rate of suicide 20% by 2025.

Due to technical difficulties the first several minutes of the presentation were not recorded. Below their brief bios is a link to the recording for those interested.

Matthew K. Nock, Ph.D.

Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology
Harvard College Professor
Chair, Department of Psychology
Harvard University

Matt is a professor of psychology at Harvard and leads a lab there focused on advancing the understanding, prediction, and prevention of suicide.
Alexander J. Millner

Director of Mental Health Research at Franciscan Children’s and a Research Associate in the Nock Lab, in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

Alex leads the Franciscan Children’s Mental Health Research team, whose work is focused on better understanding and treating mental health issues among adolescents, particularly suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Alex also is a member of the Nock lab at Harvard University.

Tommy Fuss Team Virtual Overnight
June 26, 2021

The Out of the Darkness Virtual Overnight Walk was a huge success. As always the Tommy Fuss Team is committed to the mission of the  AFSP to fund research, advocacy, education, community programs and support for those affected by suicide. Thank you to our team members, donors and supporters for your generosity in funding this important work.