Shining Light on Important Topic

This letter was written after our successful walk in 2007

To the Editor:

On June 6, an article entitled ‘Out of the Darkness” Walk Shines a Light on the Issue of Suicide’ ran in this paper. That weekend I joined 1,500 others, who have in one way or another been touched by mental illness or suicide, as we walked 20 miles through the streets of Manhattan from sundown to sun-up.

The experience was indescribable. I, myself, lost my 17-year old cousin seven months ago to suicide. I also suffer from mental illness. This walk was my way of raising awareness and breaking the stigmas that surround suicide and mental illness.

I want to thank the more than 70 people who supported me and donated over $5,000 to this cause. I know that, if for nothing else, I educated them and sparked many discussions. I want to thank the Independent Press for carrying this article and giving such an important topic front page coverage.

Unfortunately, the event did not get a lot of publicity or media coverage. I think people are afraid of it because it is a topic that many do not want to discuss. However, we could not be ignored as 1,500 people walked the streets of Manhattan throughout the night, helping to bring the issue Out of the darkness.


Kristin Quigley
Chatham, New Jersey